Friday, July 15, 2005

e-Newsletter upgrade is on the way

Spiral's e-newsletter is getting an overhaul.

At our first project meeting today, Cain, Mary and Audrey defined our deliverables for Stage 1 of the project (and 'parked' a few readyfor stage 2!) and developed the first cut of our new and improved site menu.

The main outcome for users of Spiral's e-newsletter manager will be:

Refinement of the existing system to make managing your e-newsletters and mailing lists more intuitive.

Our project goals are to

  • ensure a smooth transition for users of Spiral's e-newsletter by maintaining the overall navigation structure
  • improve acccess to key functions by rationalising some menu items
  • enhance the usefulness of the main console - currently called 'home'
  • improve system help documentation

A targetted e-newsletter is a powerful marketing tool, delivering your message direct to your clients inbox. We'll be keeping you posted on our project to make Spiral's e-newsletter manager an even better solution for you to manage your e-newsletters and mailing lists.