Tuesday, October 30, 2018

ANZICS Winter Forum from a Lead Developer’s perspective

Lead Developer, Cain Harland, joined Spiral many years ago and has been part of every web-based development the company has ever undertaken.
In 2011, Spiral founded Spinnaker Software and that same year Cain took part in his first clinical trial project, The Heat Trial. He has continued as lead developer for all Spinnaker trials since.
This year Cain had the opportunity to attend the ANZICS Winter Forum in Sydney. A quick trip across the Tasman with his wife was an extra bonus for Cain and the first time he had met many of the people that he works with on a daily basis.
In Cain’s words:
“I know them all well, I talk to them on the phone, get their enquiry tickets and emails and that works very well but it’s so great to actually meet them and put names to faces ... read more on our blog »

Friday, October 05, 2018

Manage your emails from Spinnaker

Did you know you have control over which emails you receive from Spinnaker!

Email notifications are a good thing because they let you know something has happened, like a patient randomised, or they help you remember to follow-up with a patient. But maybe you don't want to receive some notifications ...

head on over to our latest tip to find out how you can manage your emails »