Monday, March 13, 2023

Better Health Outcomes Together - The PANORAMIC Case Study with Lead Statistician Ly-Mee Yu

‘One of the purposes behind the trial is discovering which antivirals are effective in keeping people away from the hospitals as much as they can and alleviating the burden on the healthcare system.'

The PANORAMIC trial is an adaptive platform trial aimed at finding early treatments for COVID-19 by evaluating new antiviral treatments in the community, reducing hospital admissions and easing the burden on the healthcare system.

The trial has recruited over 26,000 people across 65 sites using various recruitment strategies. Spiral’s Spinnaker platform has helped streamline the trial’s software requirements since October 2021. Recent results have shown that Molnupiravir does not reduce hospitalizations or deaths in higher-risk, vaccinated adults with COVID-19.

The trial will continue until a pre-specified probability of superiority or futility is met, and its success is attributed to collaboration within the medical community.

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