Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Upgrade for ROI

Whats the best reason for upgrading your website?
For a business, it's got to be to improve the return on your website investment (ROWI). Non-profit organisations can also measure this in terms of non-profit indicators, such as members or donations.

So, with the goal of improving our ROWI we embark on the journey with our own website. To help us reach our destination/goal we need to be clear on what it is we want to acheive, otherwise we may have the wrong maps/indicators.

We get a lot of visitors to our website via our clever search engine marketing and website optimisation. After our visitors arrive on our website they drop off in droves and as we have an amazing record off keeping customers once they get to know us, my goal is to increase that retention rate and pursuade people to contact us.
Next Actions:
1. Quantify lost and retained visitors
2. Specify goal. Quantity, quality and timeframes.