Thursday, August 23, 2012

Adding a newsletter subscribe button on Facebook.

This might seem we're going a little overboard but how can we not be excited! It is a combination of two of our favourite things. A sublime combination of both Facebook and Mailroom. Well, maybe just a slight overlap but we think it is exciting all the same. 

It is a great new feature we can do for those of you who have a newsletter you send out through Mailroom. You can now have a subscribe button added to your Facebook page. Check out the Spiral one below.

The Spiral Facebook page. Now with the option to subscribe to our Websavvy newsletter.
You can even have your own image as the logo for the button. All anyone has to do to subscribe to your newsletter from there is to enter their name and email address and presto, you have a new subscriber.

We love everything to do with both Facebook and Mailroom right now so we loved having the chance to combine the two in one project. It's a great opportunity to leverage your position on Facebook into more subscribers to your newsletters, giving you another chance to get your message out there.