Thursday, December 14, 2023

Perspective Changed, Problem Solved - Meet Cain Harland

Say hello to Cain Harland – Spiral's Development Lead and a bit of an unsung hero. Cain's story isn't your typical tech journey. It starts in the scenic Hawkes Bay and winds its way through a mix of personal training, a flair for web design, and finally, a deep dive into software development.

At Spiral, he's the brains behind the Spinnaker software, quietly revolutionising how we approach clinical trials. Cain's days are a blend of coding, problem-solving, and big-picture thinking, all done with the humble goal of making a real difference in medical research.

From his early days in Wellington to working remotely from the most unexpected places, join us as we explore the life of a man who's as down-to-earth as he is innovative. Read about Cain on our blog