Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Anatomy of a Hyperlink

Heres the breakdown of a hypertext link for all our Nautilus CMS users that anyone creating hyperlinks will find useful.

4 Parts to a Link
The 4 components of a link are
  1. The A href tag which tells the browser that the following text or image is a link to somewhere else on the web. It has an opening section and a closing section. 
  2. The web address where you put the address on the web you want the link to go to. This could be in your own website or some other place on the web such as a:
    • webpage
    • blog
    • facebook page
    • twitter entry
  3. The title of the link which gives the visitor information about the link. The title will display when the mouse hovers over the anchor text
  4. The anchor text is the clickable part of the link which is displayed for your visitor.  Search engines also use this anchor text.
Link Example
This link to the Spiral website shows each component of a hypertext link.

Inserting Links for Users of Nautilus
If you are using our content management software, Nautilus, then you can easily add a link as follows
  1. Select the destination for your link, in this case its the mailroom free trial sign up page http://www.mailroom.co.nz/signUp2.aspx
  2. Select the anchor text on the page you are editing and click on the link icon
  3. When the link dialogue box opens, insert the destination address in the URL input space
  4. Enter your title for this link by selecting the advanced tag on the link dialogue box and entering descriptive text in the "Advisory Title" space
  5. Click Ok to finish and insert the link