Monday, June 12, 2017

Recent visit to Wellington ICU

Recently I visited Wellington ICU where I sat down with their research team to hear from the people using our software every day.

It was an arranged, informal visit where I talked with them about how they use Spinnaker (our clinical trial software). I discovered what they liked, and didn't like, how they structure their workflow during the day and how Spinnaker might help with that. This was great feedback for me, to hear from the people using our software every day, to better understand how Spinnaker is used so we can build these insights into the next version of the software. Its all about making peoples lives easier.

The meeting was arranged by the study trial manager who attended the meeting with me and also found benefit from the discussion.

The meeting was a great opportunity for us all to ask questions, for me to focus on removing some of their hassles. The team asked for some changes which we were able to easily implement such as extra columns on reports - things we had not considered, which were easy to implement and immediately improved workflow for the research coordinators. The remaining insights and changes will be implemented in upcoming releases of Spinnaker.