Thursday, August 29, 2013

HEAT patient transfer successful

The first patient transfer within the HEAT trial was successful this week. 
All the clinical trials using our Spinnaker Software have the potential to transfer patients between locations. The software maintains the double blind nature of their treatment and allows the new location to continue with record keeping seamlessly.   

Here's what you do
The patient needs be transferred by the incoming ICU.

  1. The outgoing ICU informs the incoming ICU of the patients study ID and date of birth
  2. The RC at the new ICU will to log-in to the trial website
  3. select the "Overview" or "Dashboard" page
  4. click ‘Transfer a patient’
  5. enter the patient’s Study ID and date of birth
  6. select ‘Transfer Patient’, then ‘OK’.
The new location can ‘Resupply’ study drug for the patient from the website so there is no need to send study drug with the patient.