Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Reminders are here

After requests to include reminders for follow-ups in the Spinnaker we are pleased to announce they have been implemented in the Supp PN Nutrition Trial.
Reminders will now form part of the core Spinnaker software, which means everyone gets them when they use our software. We had to make some changes to the user profile settings so that people could opt in or opt out of receiving the reminders.

Heres how they work:
You can opt in to receive weekly reminders on your user profile page,
Once you opt in you will receive an email every Monday with patients listed who are
  1. due for follow-ups this week
  2. missing follow-up data in the software. You may have followed up but not entered into the software yet
  3. due for follow-up in 2 weeks
We hope you find this a useful addition.