Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Websites in hard times

This is a happy story, at least for one business and hopefully for the other. Talking to a local business owner today and he was all doom and gloom about the economy, business - "I've been in business for 30 years and I'm proping this company up with half my house (mortgage!), grumble, grumble and I'm just not getting any new business, grumble, grumble, recession." Funny thing is this guy (names are protected) is obviously an optimist or he wouldn't be in business, he's a practical fellow with a can-do attitude.

Down the road another fellow, in the same line of work is going gangbusters. 2 years ago the two companies were equally profitable and the owners are good friends. Now one has as much work as he can handle and the other is dispairing. Whats the difference - you guessed it - a website!

The fellow with as much work as he can handle has a website bringing in business for him and the other guy . . . no website. Thats about to change.