Thursday, December 01, 2005

Can't see your web site changes?

Sometimes clients phone us and say they can't see any changes to their web site. This is easy fixed and relates to the settings you have in your web browser. Your web browser caches (or saves) files, pages, images etc on your computer, in a temporary internet files folder, while you are browsing the internet. We make the changes and your browser, thinking its doing you a favour, displays the old page, which it has cached on your computer.

To fix this and see the new page immediately, you need to clear or delete your temporary internet files. If you are using Internet Explorer simply click on the Tools button at the top of the screen then Internet Options then on the General tab half way down you will see, under the Temporary Internet Files heading, a button -> Delete Files - click this then go back and look at the web site - you should see the changes in place.

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