Friday, January 21, 2011

How to look like an amateur - is this you?

Heres some tips to looking casual and amateurish:
  • Don't get a domain name
  • Have your car sign-written with your yahoo, gmail or paradise email address
  • use your ISP email address on your emails eg
  • Get the wrong domain name eg use when your are a company and should use
I see examples of these nearly every day. Having a domain name, which will cost you between $40 & $70, is worth it just for the level of professionalism it adds to your business on your email communications. Heres how to look professional:
  • register a relevant domain name for your business
  • use it as your email address eg
  • keep your Yahoo, GMail & ISP email addresses for your personal stuff
TIP: You can create an email alias to combine your personal and work email addresses yet still look professional.

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