Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My old t-shirts remind me of websites

Its time to get out last summers t-shirts. The weather is warmer and more dependable.  I can categorise my old t-shirts as follows

  • quality t-shirts I want to keep
  • quality t-shirts that are already out of fashion
  • stretched saggy ones - poor quality
I'm always grateful when my quality t-shirts last a couple of summers. My biggest disappointment is when I love a t-shirt and it goes all saggy and baggy with just a few washes. Its not just the waste of money, its the waste of time - all that shopping time wasted!

Those t-shirts remind me of websites in that ...

  • when you commision a website that goes out of fashion next year, you are in for an upgrade earlier than you expected ... a waste of time and money.
  • your old, cheap website can quickly start to look like that saggy, baggy t-shirt which is not a good look for your organisation
  • your quality website will look good next year and the year after, it will be easy to update and you will wear it with pride
We strive to build quality websites and software for people. Looking back at last seasons websites I believe we achieved that goal, thanks to our customers for being open minded and make some tough decisions.

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