Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Introducing our new Project Manager

Meet our new Project Manager, Bryn Gilbertson. He has been working as a tester for us, testing on the PLUS Trial, and earlier this month accepted the role of Project Manager.

The role had been mapped out and loaded on our website ready to advertise as soon as we received confirmation of our next project. I knew our next project would tip us into securing an extra person to join our team. That project turned out to be the TTM2 and TAME Trials combined (more about that later).

Bryn adapted quickly to our way of working, our customer focus and the matrix of software we use. He has a neuroscience degree; the TTM2 & TAME Trials are looking at neurological outcomes after people have experienced a cardiac arrest and Bryn has been enjoying reading the protocols for both these trials while he gets up to speed on the project.

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