Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Tips for great business photos.

Written by Jin Cowan -

We don't get a second chance to make a good first impression. A good business portrait is one of the most effective tools to build credibility and rapport with your potential clients.
The purpose of business portraits is to:
  • Convey your brand image
  • Portray trust and professionalism
  • Capture your passion and your individuality
Here are a few tips that will help you to have a easy session and achieve a great result:


For a great head and shoulder shot,  the rule of thumb is keep it simple.

Solid colours and simple classic cuts photograph the best. In another word, avoid stripes and patterns, bold graphics, complicated cuts and bulky jewellery.

Wear something with a conservative neck line, such as shallow V-neck or turtle neck. Similarly wear long sleeves rather than short sleeves. Bare arms, shoulders and low cuts will not look flattering in head and shoulder shots.

Last but not least, for us to look relaxed and confident, always wear comfortable and well fitted clothes.

Make up and grooming

Think it as the makeup / grooming for a nice evening out. Well done but not over done.

Many of us prefer a natural look and some don't normally wear makeup. However a well applied layer of foundation will help even out your skin tone under photographic lighting, and help achieve a natural and flattering result.


A great portrait is never about staring into the camera with a stiff smile. Go into the session with the confidence that you will have a great result. Your photographer should be an expert to coach you to feel relaxed, and guide you as to how to pose. Once you're relaxed and feel confident, your facial expression will follow. Whether it's a heart-felt smile, or a mysterious look, your photographer will capture the natural expression, with the most flattering or interesting lighting and angle, to create a compelling portrait of you who has a great story to tell.


A class studio head and shoulder shot is the convention, but who said this is your only option? Include your work place in the image, go to an interesting location, use a prop, have actions. You will be surprised how a simple change of approach could add context, depth and individuality to your portrait, and engaging your audience on a more personal and emotional level.

Talk about different options with your photographer, and they will help you to realize the image in your mind!

Your photographer should have checked out the location before the session, so he or she is prepared with the knowledge and the equipment to capture that unique and timeless portrait.

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