Monday, April 06, 2009

Blah blah wastes your dollars and your customers time

Introductory, or blah blah text, found at the top of web pages is skipped by readers unless it is relevant and succinct.

The worst kind of blah blah text is pure filler and platitudes such as "Welcome to our website, we hope you enjoy your visit"make you look incompetent and insult the intelligence of your visitors.

So why have any intro text?

The introductory text on a page

  • can help people better understand the rest of the page
  • lets people know what they are getting into
  • provides a brief summary of the page

How do I write intro text?

Focus on your visitor and answering these two questions
  • What will visitors find on this page?
  • Why will they care?
Captivate your visitors with information that is delivered quickly. Don't waste words, people read very little on web pages so give them what they want and help them stay on your web site.

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