Saturday, April 25, 2009

Look Professional for less than $53 a Year

Earlier this month I was following a car into Wellington that had been beautifully sign-written with the owners email address - - Oh dear, not very professional, how could they be so careless to pay all that money for sign-writing their car and overlooked the most basic thing you can do on the internet for your business - get a domain name. For less than $53 a year this person could have:
  • on their car
  • on their print advertising
  • www.mybusiness on their business card
A domain name makes you look so very much more professional in all your advertising and promotional material. Who do you want to promote - your business or Xtra?

You can purchase your own domain name online from any number of New Zealand or overseas companies although I recommend using a local, New Zealand comapny. Simply, Google "domain name registration" for a list of businesses offering this service or try one of these -, or Your local web designer probably offers this service too.

Once you have purchased your domain (actually its more like renting because you pay an annual fee) you can set up your email - and if you have a website, blog or facebook page you can even point your domain name at that, so people can find out more about you and your business.

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